What is the best cloud mining site in 2021?

Shamining best cloud mining site

What is the best cloud mining site in 2021?

Before we dive into the best cloud mining site, let’s first get to know what cloud mining is.

Cloud mining is like regular cryptocurrency mining. But instead of mining on your PC, you mine on a rented cloud by the site or service you are going to use.

Instead of investing money in mining equipment, you just rent some space on the cloud and pay for a part of the mining machine.

This is a very budget method to become an investor in 2021.
Also you will also be profiting high interest rates from mining cryptocurrencies.

As you know, cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin keep rising, and the investment seems better and better each day.

That’s the reason mining crypto became one of the best methods to make money online in the last decade.

So what would be the best cloud mining site in 2021

The best cloud mining site is Shamining.com. Here are the reasons why:

Let’s do simple math, to understand the logic behind it.
What is the difference between regular mining equipment, and green energy mining.

Regular mining:

Equipment cost: 10,000$
1 Year of electricity cost: 10,000$
Profit from 1 year of mining crypto: 20,000$
Profits in 20 years of mining: 400,000$

Profit calculation:
+400,000$ Profit
-10,000$ Equipment invesment
– 20 years of electricity costs: 200,000$

Total profit:
190,000$ in 20 years of mining.

Green energy mining:

Equipment cost: 100,000$
1 Year of electricity cost: 0$
Profit from 1 year of mining crypto: 20,000$
Profits in 20 years of mining: 400,000$

Profit calculation:
+400,000$ Profit
-100,000$ Equipment invesment
– 20 years of electricity costs: 0$

Total profit:
300,000$ in 20 years of mining.

best cloud mining siteYou can do the math by yourself and see that in the long run, mining with Green energy is much more profitable.

For you as a sole investor, investing in expensive equipment, wouldn’t be the best choice if you are looking to mine for a few years and then stop.

But when you are using Shaminings cloud mining service, you can always use them for a year or two and then stop. Without having to buy the equipment.

You are basically enjoying their high yield percentages, without really investing a cent into the equipment yourself.

You would also expect Shamining to charge you extra, but they DON’T.
They charge you even less than any other cloud mining service, which is even better for you.

Reasons why the best cloud mining site is: Shamining.com

  • Small initial investment of only 250$ to start.
  • Instant payouts.
  • Over 17 000 investors choose Shamining.
  • Income multiplier x 1.43.
  • Invest online from anywhere in the globe.
  • Control your miners from any device, whether desktop or mobile phone.
  • Easy investment calculator on Shamining.com.
  • Transparent plans.
  • 24/7 Support.
  • Green energy mining.

How to start mining with Shamining

  1. First go to Shamining.com and click on register
  2. Fill your information in the form. Make sure to input your REAL EMAIL address, because you will have to verify it.
    Enter your phone number starting with your country code and click on create account.
  3. Verify your email address.
  4. Click on add a miner.
    Shamining add miner
  5. Choose your investment in dollars.
    Shamining add miner stage 2
  6. Click on buy.
  7. Pay with Visa, Mastercard, Banktransfer or even Bitcoin.
  8. Start mining.

Don’t get scammed.

Because Shamining is one of the biggest and best sites for cloud mining, many imposters and scammers will try to copy their website or call you saying they are Shamining.

Make sure to contact Shamining either through their website.
Or by mail [email protected]

We also suggest you visiting Shamining “Avoid Scams” page.
To stay up to date. https://shamining.com/en/avoid-scam

Let us sum everything up

Cloud mining is very profitable and you can start investing and profiting right now with a very trusted cloud mining site by the name of Shamining.

Shamining.com looks like one of the best investments on the web right now, that’s why you can find it on our – Where to invest section at any time.

We wish you the best of luck and much profits with Shamining.



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