NEOTRADES review. Is this broker reliable or a scam?


NEOTRADES review. Is this broker reliable or a scam?

NEOTRADES review. In this article, we will talk about a company that provides cryptocurrency and CFD trading for international clients. The broker is not old but has already earned a good reputation among traders because its clients make money on the stock market. These are the reasons why traders love this broker:

  • Many trading instruments
  • Safety of funds
  • Many funding and withdrawal options
  • Low commissions and fees
  • Excellent support
  • Great trading platforms
  • Helpful trading tools
  • PAMM accounts and Copy Trading
  • Autotrading
  • Positive reviews

NEOTRADES has everything traders need to make a profit. This company earns through commissions and doesn’t play against its clients. Many people around the globe make a living using NEOTRADES services. 

Let’s go into detail and discuss the reasons people love this broker.

NEOTRADES review. Trading instruments 

NEOTRADES review. The broker offers a wide choice of trading instruments to its clients:

  • Shares
  • ETFs
  • Indices
  • Commodities
  • Bonds
  • Forex

When you have many options for trading, you will always find something to make a profit. You don’t have to use all the instruments to be profitable. It’s just good to know you will never miss any opportunity to grow your account.

NEOTRADES. Safety of funds


All the information that goes through the NEOTRADES site is encrypted. It means nobody will steal your personal information. Your money in your NEOTRADES trading account is safe. 

Also, the company protects your privacy. All the information you share with this broker is confidential. NEOTRADES only collects personal information from clients to comply with the regulations. It doesn’t share your information with any outside parties.

NEOTRADES follows KYC policy. It’s a mandatory requirement used for the client identification process. KYC has two components – Identity and Address. The required documents are:

  • Passport or any other ID to verify identity 
  • Recent Utility Bill or Bank statement no older than six months for the verification of the address

Verification is a must to start trading. Without it, no trader gets access to the market.

Funding and Withdrawal

NEOTRADES offers many ways for funding and withdrawal:  

  • Credit and debit cards
  • Wire transfers
  • Trustly
  • Neteller
  • Skrill

Experienced traders know that not all brokers offer so many options for funding and withdrawal. It’s one of many reasons why people choose NEOTRADES.

NEOTRADES. Commissions and fees

If you compare similar brokers in the industry, you will find that NEOTRADES is one of the best at commissions and fees. They are relatively low compared with other brokers. So, you have much more chances to make money with NEOTRADES than with other brokers because their commissions are higher. It’s one more reason why traders love this company.

NEOTRADES review. Support


NEOTRADES hires only highly professional and experienced people. That is why traders always get help quickly. We have found many positive reviews about the NEOTRADES support team on the Internet. Not many brokers provide support at the same level. It’s another reason why traders choose this broker.

Trading platforms

NEOTRADES provides its clients with Meta Trader 5. It’s an excellent trading platform with everything traders need to make a profit. This famous platform has three versions: Desktop, Web Trader, and Mobile Trader. All these platforms are advanced and easy to use. 

With Mobile Trader, you can be sure you will never miss the opportunity to make a profit because you can do it from everywhere. Mobile Trader works with any device. 

The desktop platform is compatible with any browser. Web Trader too. Many people choose Web Trader because it works without downloading. 

NEOTRADES review. Trading tools

NEOTRADES clients get access to many helpful trading tools. The use of trading tools has become an essential aspect of trading. Technical analysis software, economic calendars, and risk management tools empower traders by providing crucial information and allowing them to execute well-informed trades. Using these tools in your strategies can increase your chances of profitable opportunities in trading.

PAMM accounts and Copy Trading



NEOTRADES offers excellent additional services. Its clients can use PAMM accounts and Copy Trading. 

PAMM service brings investors and traders together. Funds go to one single account, and an experienced trader manages it. Investors can diversify their funds with multiple managers. They pay only pre-agreed performance fees when their money manager makes a profit. They can add or withdraw funds whenever they want and monitor the performance of their investments in real time.

Using Copy Trading, people can mirror the trades of others. 

They pay the trader who they copy a fixed amount if the strategy brings you profit. They can stop, add, or remove funds at any moment.


Many people around the globe use Autotrading because it eliminates human emotions and errors. Programs don’t have feelings. So they can’t be greedy or feel fear. Most traders know that people usually lose money because they don’t follow their plans, but they do follow their emotions. When you use Autotrading, you can be sure you will not press the wrong button or change your mind and do something silly under greed or fear.

NEOTRADES. Positive reviews

This company is relatively young but already has a good reputation among traders. People choose this company because many make money using its services. You can find lots of positive reviews about NEOTRADES on the Internet. 

NEOTRADES review. The conclusion


Let’s make a conclusion. What can we say now about NEOTRADES? 

Based on all the information we found about this broker, we can conclude that NEOTRADES is not a scam but a reliable broker. People love this company. If you want to make money on the stock market, NEOTRADES is an excellent choice. We highly recommend this company for those who want to make a living by trading cryptocurrency and CFDs. If you want to start a new life as a trader, open a NEOTRADES trading account and try its services yourself. 

When you are a profitable trader, you only need a computer and the Internet to make money. You can live everywhere you want and work when you want. Isn’t it great! So many people dream about it. But for most of them, it stays just a dream. Your success depends only on you.

To open a NEOTRADES trading account, follow this link:

Enjoy trading! We wish you profit! 

55 thoughts on “NEOTRADES review. Is this broker reliable or a scam?

  1. I can tell you guys, that every trader would be happy to have such a great trading platform as Metatrader.

  2. I can tell you guys from my experience, that if you need a CFD broker, you won’t find a better company than Neotrades.

  3. In my opinion, Neotrades is the best broker for cryptocurrency and CFD trading. I can recommend this company to everyone. It has everything traders need to make a profit.

  4. Believe me guys, you won’t find a better broker than Neotrades. It provides a great trading platform, many instruments, professional support, and excellent additional services.

  5. Neotrades is a very good broker for CFD trading. If you want a company with a good reputation, Neotrades will be the right choice.

  6. I mostly use Pamm accounts and recommend it to everyone. You can try it, and I’m sure after you try you won’t stop using it.

    1. thanks, i found out too it’s an exceptional broker with excellent support and many options for traders to make money on financial markets

  7. I use Copy Trading. It’s a service where people place orders, and I can copy them. I like it very much because it makes me money.

  8. You are wrong if you think that every broker provides the option to use cryptocurrency for funding and withdrawals. But with Neotrades, you have this option. And it’s one of the reasons people prefer this company to other brokers.

  9. MetaTrader is a trading platform for both beginner and professional traders. It’s a perfect platform. All traders love it.

  10. Scam brokers play against their clients. But with Neotrades, you can grow your trading deposit. Everyone can make money with this broker.

  11. You can find a lot of educational materials in this company. Thanks to Neotrades, I know a lot about trading now, and it helps me make money on the stock market.

  12. I’ve never had any problems with MetaTrader. It works as it should. It’s an excellent trading platform, and I recommend it to every trader.

  13. All the brokers providing good service have many clients. Neotrades has clients from many countries. It proves again that people love this company.

    1. You are right. Neotrades is not one of the scam brokers. If it were a scam, many would already lose their money, and we could find a lot of stories about it on the Internet. But it’s a reliable company, and people love it.

  14. It’s the best choice if you are looking for a good CFD broker. With Neotrades, you get to use many trading instruments. Everyone will find a way to make money with this company.

  15. Profitable traders can live anywhere they like. Many clients of Neotrades make a living by trading. When you are successful, all you need is a computer with internet or just a smartphone.

  16. I’ve used several brokers and I can tell you that Neotrades is a great company for CFD trading, much better than most others.

  17. I have used Neotrades for a long time already, and I can tell from my experience it’s a very good company. I’m not the only one who makes money using its services. Search the Internet, and you will find many successful clients of this broker.

  18. My deposit was $700 and I turned it into $1100 in the first month. My plan now is to make a bigger deposit to make more money.

  19. All brokers are different. I can tell you guys, that not many CFD brokers provide such great services as Copy Trading and PAMM accounts that help traders make money.

  20. If you want a reliable broker, you should think of Neotrades. There was no case when a client of this company lost money because of this broker.

    1. My friend has often told me stories about how he made money on the stock market. I decided to try it too. At first, I was losing, but then I started using Pamm accounts, and since then, my deposit has grown. It’s a fantastic service.

  21. Every trader needs a good platform. That is why everyone loves MetaTrader. I’ve never heard anything negative about this platform. Only positive words.

  22. I like this company very much. The more I use its services, the more I like Neotrades. I’m glad I chose this company.

  23. If you compare CFD brokers, you will see that Neotrades is one of the best companies for trading cryptocurrency and CFDs.

  24. i’m pretty sure if i started trading a few years earlier, i could already be rich enough to stop working and make a living by trading.

  25. I can say only positive things about Neotrades. Everything works perfectly, and all traders I know love this broker.

  26. You can ask anyone about MetaTrader, guys, and they all will tell you it’s the best platform for CFD trading.

  27. The clients of Neotrades won’t go to another broker because everything they need to make money they have in this company.

  28. Choosing Neotrades, gives you a wide choice of instruments, a great trading platform, excellent support, and much useful educational information. All this together is a great way to make money in financial markets.

  29. I love this broker, and I’m not the only one who feels this way. If you open an account with Neotrades and start trading, I’m sure you will get the same feeling.

  30. Can you imagine, guys, it took me five months to become profitable, but I did it. I can tell you it wasn’t easy. And now, I believe everyone can succeed and make money on the stock market.

    1. Even people without any knowledge about trading can make money with Neotrades using Pamm Accounts and Copy Trading.

  31. A reputation for a broker is everything. Neotrades is one of the rare companies where clients recommend their broker to other traders. I highly recommend this company.

  32. I want to tell you, guys, that Neotrades provides the best support you can ever get. There was a time when I had many questions and often called the broker. They were very professional and always helped me.

  33. i’ve met a few people who lost money because of scam brokers, but they could avoid it if they chose Neotrades. Every broker should be like this company.

    1. I’ve had trading accounts with four brokers, and I can tell that Neotrades has more advantages over the others. Its services are great. If you want to make money by trading on the stock market, you better choose Neotrades because it gives many options to succeed.

  34. I give this broker the highest rating ten out of ten. Neotrades is one of the best brokers for CFD trading, no doubt. I can’t complain about anything. An impeccable service.

  35. I’ve never met any trader who was disappointed in Neotrades because clients of this company get great support, an excellent trading platform, and low spreads. And that’s why they make money by trading.

  36. When I needed to choose a broker, I wanted to have the option of using cryptocurrency to fund my account and make withdrawals. I found this option in Neotrades.

  37. Neotrades has its advantages over other brokers. One of them is Pamm accounts. This service is really cool. Many make money using it.

  38. It’s true.. If you are looking for a cryptocurrency and CFD broker, then Neotrades is what you need. It’s one of the best companies in this field.

  39. I made 20% in the first two weeks and then another 10% in the next two weeks using Neotrades services. It shows this broker doesn’t play against its clients.

  40. If I doubled my trading deposit in four months without being a professional trader, then everyone can succeed if he works hard.

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