In our review we will talk about all the aspects Sterling Specialist has to offer.

First: Sterling Specialist is one of the leading online trading brokers. They pride themselves on offering an simple easy and rich futured trading platform.

The firm is not yet regulated by CySec nor FCA but we have seen applications by them being reviewed for over a year now.

As we know CySec and FCA does not accept new brokers quickly. That would be the only disadvantage of Sterling Specialist. Because their company is less that 1 year of age. Therefore it would be impossible for them to get regulated, because some of the brokers wait for more than a few years for an approval.

Key features of has a few key features:

  • Minimum deposit – 200 EUR
  • Minimum trade – 0.01 LOT
  • Bonuses – Up to 100% trading bonus
  • IOS APP – Yes
  • Android APP – Yes
  • Demo account – No
  • Signals service – Yes
  • One on one education – Yes Trading Platform Review Trading Platform Review

Sterling Specialist trading platform is a masterpiece. Its an easy to use platform, including all the best parts of MT4 and MT5 in it.

It has indicators that you will ACTUALY USE. And of course it will show you exactly how much money you will be profiting nor losing in a trade if opened.

The trading platform uses the best tech in 2020. That makes it the fastest platform out there at the moment.

You also have an option to trade using mobile applications.

Sterling specialist supports apple and android devices as one.

You can find their app in the App Store and Google Play.

sterlingspecialist trading apps

Advanced trading settings

Most of the traders like the simplicity of Sterling Specialist. But if you are looking for more advanced options. For example an API access to the coding system for building your own BOTs to perform actions on your command. You can contact you manager to get access for those tools if needed.

When you are looking for features that you cannot find on the platform, ask you manager for access for those exact tools. Because Sterling Specialist keeps it simple for most of the traders. And if you need any advanced tools, they have the solution for you, you just have to ask for it.

What we liked most about Sterling Specialist is: That they are willing to develop and add more features that their traders would want.

So if there is no feature that you are looking for. Feel more than free contacting their team to build it for you.

A Strong MOTO

Sterling Specialist works by one simple moto. Clients opinion is the most scared thing. Even in their ABOUT section they speak a lot about how their clients matter and what they are willing to do to satisfy the clients, first priority!

Withdrawal and Deposit Options

Sterling Specialist has small but valuable payment system.

sterlingspecialist payment systems

The main payment systems of Sterling Specialist are those:

  • VISA
  • Bank wires
  • Crypto transfers

Deposits have no commission at all. But withdraws from each account have 1 free withdraw with no commission. And all the other withdraws will incur a 1.5% commission minimum.

Accounts Starting from Gold and higher will have all their withdraws with ZERO commission.

Top benefits that Sterling Specialist mention

  • 24/7 crypto trading.
  • Very very low spreads.
  • Over 1 000 + assets to trade with.
  • Personal assistant from Sterling Specialist team of experts.
  • Multi-lingual customer service and support. Review – Conclusion looks like a trading platform to go for, especially if you are a beginner trader.

They offer a huge bag of tools and bonuses for newcomers and a personal education system. is a very trusted and a great trader choice platform to trade with.

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  1. This is not my experience as I have now been trying to withdraw funds for 4 weeks now . Each time the request fails . I am in communication with Jessica Sten and Shaun who tell me the money has been sent , but after checking with my bank there is no trace of any transaction . My webtrader profit account has been accessed as it shows 2 x withdrawals one of 5000 euros and one of 20000 euros , but no one at Sterling specialist can tell me what’s going on . Contact is almost zero now . Would seriously avoid this company as your assessment above is certainly not my experience

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