Inceptial review with facts and profs –

Inceptial review

Inceptial review with facts and profs –

Let’s start our Inceptial review with a few facts about Inceptial.

Inceptial review logo

  • The forex company allows you to trade CFDs with leverage up to 1:500.
  • Inceptial has over 160 assets that you can trade on.
  • Inceptial is licensed by the National Bank of Belarus with Certificate Number 19.
  • You have 2 types of platforms that Inceptial provides: MT4 and web trader by Inceptial.
  • Has a great score with trustpilot and on the web.
  • Offers a great and secure connection to their website with the most advanced SSL sertificates.
  • provides a secure deposit of funds options and fast withdrawals.

To start with, I searched for anything that could look like a scam.
I didn’t find anything related to Inceptial and scam. Overall the company looks very legit.

Inceptial review – Signing up with

To start off our Inceptial review let’s sign up. All you have to do is go to and click on: Register now.

Inceptial review of signing up

Fill in your details and you are done.

Now what you have to do next is

  • Choose the currency you want to trade with.
  • Open your trading account.
  • Verify your documents with the compliance departments (KYC).

What is KYC and how should you verify your documents?

Let’s review the KYC. The KYC means: Know your customer. This is a policy that all regulated financial companies must comply with.

Each and every trader should confirm his identity in order to comply legally.

What you should send to Inceptial compliance department are the following:

  • Your ID( It could be your driver’s license too)
  • If you deposit using a credit card, send Inceptial a copy of it (covering the CVV on the back and the first 12 digits of your credit card number on the front).
  • Utility bills not older than six months.
  • Selfie with Identification Document photo or Liveness or Web-ID Check: Certified liveness detection during user authentication is mandatory.

This process could take not more than 10 minutes from your side because the utility bills these days are pretty easy to print. Or you might have access to a take screen shoot on your Utility bills website and send it directly to Inceptial.

The ID and CARD scan should be very quick.

*This process is a must in order to trade. Don’t think the company is scam or trying to steal your documents. This process is mandatory.

Depositing funds with Inceptial or

To make this review as honest as possible. I went into and made a deposit of 250$ to test:

  • The deposit process
  • The withdrawal process

The deposit process went pretty smoothly because I used my credit card to make the deposit. I had the funds in my account in less than 3 minutes.

The withdrawal process took a bit longer. Because I had to send the KYC documents. But all in all, it took me less than 3 days to receive my funds back and verify my identity.

Trading with

To review Inceptial even further, before even starting to trade I went and checked a few things:

Inceptial review MT4

  1. Prices:
    The prices of all the assets for 30 minutes. And all of the prices were on point.
  2. Trading platform: provides you with MT4 so I went and downloaded that to my IOS device and opened a few trades. The trading experience was very smooth. No lags or delays.
  3. Trading fees:
    The fees were all as the website states, no additional commissions or fees were charged from my account.
    *Some companies that use scam tactics hide their fees. Fortunately, Inceptial is 100% legit.
  4. Trading signals:
    I tested a few of the trading signals and they actually performed very well, 7 trades I closed in profit and 3 in a loss. So overall very nice profitable signals.


Inceptial review of support

To review the support that inceptial offers to its clients I pretended to be a very problematic customer. I had all the problems a customer can ever have.

  • I sent Inceptial over 10 different documents that didn’t comply with KYC.
    But Inceptial compliance support was actually very kind and had to listen to all my madness. Because I was pretty annoying on the phone. All in all they were very polite. (Sorry Ella and Richard from inceptial that helped me out).
  • I tried to withdraw my money with the wrong details.
    I clearly entered so many details into the withdrawal box and kept complaining that my funds are not yet in my bank. But the thing is that I entered the wrong details in purpose. But yet again the support was very kind and helped me out. And as I said earlier the whole process took me less than 3 days, even with me complaining.
  • I tested all Inceptial contact methods.
    I contacted the support with the same question over email, the website form, the chat and even called their office.
    All of them were a success, Inceptial replied to me on all of the contact methods that provides.


Overall experience with Inceptial review

To make this review complete. I must say that the overall experience with was very pleasant.

I managed to deposit, trade, withdraw and communicate very easily.

  • The comfortable interface that inceptial provides was very intuitive and easy to use.
  • The support team was very helpful and answered all my questions.
  • The compliance team was very kind and guided me through the whole KYC process in a very easy-to-follow manner.

Summary of inceptial review

I personally want to sum up this Inceptial review by saying that Inceptial does over-provide than they state on their website.
The education materials, their signals, and the customer service are top-notch.

The company is regulated and licenced, secure, and great overall.

I highly recommend Inceptial. So to start trading with Inceptial, just click this link:


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  1. I am a housewife with two small children. I could not imagine that someday I would become a trader. Good trader! 😀 And I could not imagine that by working at home I could earn money for my apartment and provide for my whole family alone. I will never go back to the office. Thanks to Inceptial for the super opportunity to make money on everything I dreamed of.

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