DELOS MANAGEMENT review. Is this broker reliable or a scam?


DELOS MANAGEMENT review. Is this broker reliable or a scam?

Let’s start this DELOS MANAGEMENT review with general information. The company is a global broker that provides cryptocurrency and CFD trading services.

DELOS MANAGEMENT has been around since 2010 and it has earned a good reputation among traders.

These are the reasons why:

  • Safety of funds
  • Fast deposit and withdrawal
  • A wide choice of trading assets
  • Small commissions and fees
  • Excellent support
  • Great trading platforms
  • Educational information
  • Helpful trading tools
  • Trading signals, Copy trading, PAMM accounts
  • Different types of trading accounts
  • Positive reviews

Those who open trading accounts with DELOS MANAGEMENT, have to verify their personality and address because the broker follows the Know Your Client rules. So, if you refuse to send the required documents, DELOS MANAGEMENT will not give you access to the market.

DELOS MANAGEMENT review. Safety of funds

DELOS MANAGEMENT review. What is the most important thing for traders? It’s the safety of their money. Scam brokers would take your money and you would never get it back. But if your broker is DELOS MANAGEMENT, your money is safe. All the information that goes through the DELOS MANAGEMENT site is encrypted. It means nobody will be able to steal your information.

Privacy protection

DELOS MANAGEMENT protects your privacy. All the information you share with DELOS MANAGEMENT is confidential. The broker only collects personal information from clients to comply with the regulations. DELOS MANAGEMENT doesn’t share your information with any outside parties.

Know Your Client

DELOS MANAGEMENT follows KYC policy. It is a mandatory requirement used for the client identification process. 

KYC has two components – identity and address. 

The required documents are:

  • National Identity Card or Passport
  • Recent Utility Bill or Bank statement (no older than six (6) months for the verification of the address)
  • Copies of your credit card used to make the deposit

Traders have to scan the documents or use their smartphone digital camera to send them. Then save the images as jpegs and send these images via mail to DELOS MANAGEMENT. Or upload the documents during the registration through the website

We know a few traders who refused to send their documents. And what do you think happened? DELOS MANAGEMENT didn’t give them access to the stock market.  And they should blame only themselves.
Do you want to make money by trading? Just verify all they ask you and start making a profit.


DELOS MANAGEMENT. How to fund your trading deposit and withdraw funds

DELOS MANAGEMENT offers a few ways to make a deposit or withdrawal: 

  • Cryptocurrency
  • PayPal and other online payment systems 
  • Wire transfers
  • Credit or debit cards. 

These ways are safe and quick. We can tell you from experience that not many brokers offer so many ways. It makes DELOS MANAGEMENT one of the best in the field. 

Trading assets 

DELOS MANAGEMENT offers a wide choice of trading assets to its traders:

  • Cryptocurrency
  • Forex
  • Stocks
  • Indices
  • Commodities

DELOS MANAGEMENT. Commissions and fees

You can see commissions and fees of this broker are low if you compare them with similar brokers in the industry. And we found out that DELOS MANAGEMENT is one of the best. It means you have much more chances to make money working with this broker than with others. Because their commissions are higher. 


All the DELOS MANAGEMENT clients admit that the support team is highly professional. Traders get support any time they need it. The broker provides its traders with personal account managers. We have asked many DELOS MANAGEMENT clients whether their assistants help them, and most said that without personal assistants they couldn’t make the profit they did. 

Trading platform

DELOS MANAGEMENT provides its traders with Web Trader and Mobile Trader. These platforms are excellent for trading. They have everything traders need, and they are easy to use. With Mobile Trader, you can be sure you will never miss the opportunity to place a deal. Because you can do it from everywhere.

Many years ago, when people didn’t know yet what is a smartphone, every trader would give anything to get such a  device.



DELOS MANAGEMENT offers a lot of educational materials. Traders get access to interactive trading courses with explanations of different trading strategies and how to use them. Also, there are online trading webinars and e-books.

Trading tools

DELOS MANAGEMENT traders get access to many helpful trading tools. Using them, traders have much more chances to make a profit. 

DELOS MANAGEMENT offers Autotrading, Copy trading, and PAMM accounts. Many traders told us they like it because it helps them make money without thinking about what and when to buy or sell.

DELOS MANAGEMENT. Trading signals

The broker gives access to trading signals. Every DELOS MANAGEMENT client can follow these signals, and many use this service. 

We asked them whether it was profitable, and most said it worked well most of the time and helped their trading accounts grow. Isn’t it what every trader wants?

DELOS MANAGEMENT. Trading accounts

The broker offers five types of trading accounts:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Premium

Of course, all these accounts are different. So, if you want to know all the differences between these accounts, you can find this information on the DELOS MANAGEMENT site. We must mention that traders with more money in their trading accounts get better conditions. They get access to better leverage, lower fees and commissions, more options for trading, and better support. So, with more money, you will easier grow your deposit. And much faster.


DELOS MANAGEMENT clients say they like this broker. And they say it because they make money using its services. Here are just a few examples of what they say: 

“If you need a cryptocurrency broker, you will not find a better one than DELOS MANAGEMENT.”- Ricky Newman.

“DELOS MANAGEMENT is the best! It’s a fact.”- Ron Green.

“My friend asked me to check how the DELOS MANAGEMENT trading signals work. I was checking the whole month. In the end, I was surprised – I almost made 150%!!! I love this broker!”- May Willson.

Before DELOS MANAGEMENT, I had two trading accounts with other brokers. Now I have the only one with DELOS MANAGEMENT. I closed two others because their fees and commissions were high, and I couldn’t make a profit.”- Luis Windrow.


DELOS MANAGEMENT review. Conclusions

So, what can we say about DELOS MANAGEMENT? Let’s conclude. After we know all the information about this company, we can say that DELOS MANAGEMENT is a reliable broker. And there are so many reasons showing us why this broker is not a scam. If you want to make money on the stock market, then DELOS MANAGEMENT is an excellent choice. We highly recommend this broker. So, all you have to do is open a trading account. Then verify it and start growing your deposit.

If you want to open a DELOS MANAGEMENT trading account, here is the link:

Good luck in trading! We wish you profit!

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