CFD TRADES review. Is this a scam broker or reliable?


CFD TRADES review. Is this a scam broker or reliable?

CFD TRADES review. You can choose any broker for trading on the stock market. But not all of them offer the same service. That is one of the reasons why some traders make money and others lose. We are going to talk now about CFD TRADES. This broker already has a good reputation among traders. Most traders who use the CFD TRADES services make money. 

Let’s start our review with several facts about CFD TRADES.

  • CFD TRADES is a broker that provides services for trading cryptocurrency and CFDs
  • The broker offers a wide range of assets for trading
  • CFD TRADES provides its traders with excellent trading platforms: Web and Mobile  
  • There are only positive reviews about CFD TRADES on the internet
  • CFD TRADES offers a secure connection to its website with the most advanced SSL certificates
  • CFD TRADES provides secure methods to deposit funds and fast withdrawals.

We were trying to find information where traders considered CFD TRADES a scam. We found nothing related to CFD TRADES being a scam. And overall, the company looks great.

CFD TRADES. Verification and KYC policy.

KYC or Know Your Client. It’s a policy for all regulated financial companies. Every trader must confirm their identity to comply legally.

Here is what you have to send to the CFD TRADES compliance department:

  • Your ID. It can be a driver’s license
  • Selfie with Identification Document photo
  • If you fund your deposit using a credit card, send CFD TRADES its copy
  • Utility bills (not older than six months)

This process is a must to start trading. It takes just a few minutes. Do not think the company is a scam or trying to steal your documents. The process is mandatory, and if you refuse, CFD TRADES will not give you access to the market.

CFD TRADES. Options to fund your trading account and withdraw funds


The broker offers a wide range of methods to fund trading accounts and make a withdrawal.

Traders can use their Visa or Mastercard. Another option is wire transfers. Also, there is an option to do it with cryptocurrency. All the cryptocurrencies you can use you can find on the CFD TRADES website.

Trading accounts 

CFD TRADES offers four trading account types: 

  • Silver (250 EUR, leverage 1-100)
  • Gold (10,000 EUR, leverage 1-200)
  • Premiuml (50,000 EUR, leverage 1-300)
  • VIP (only by invitation, leverage 1-400)

The commissions depend on the account type. More money you have in your trading account – the better conditions you get.

Trading with CFD TRADES

To review CFD TRADES, we must say a few words about such important for traders things as:

  • Spreads that CFD TRADES offers on its site. We found them very good for traders.
  • Trading platforms. CFD TRADES provides an excellent web platform and a mobile trading platform. When we made a few trades through a smartphone, we knew there were no lags or delays.
  • Trading fees. The fees were exactly as the website states. CFD TRADES didn’t charge any additional commissions or fees from our trading account. Some companies that use scam tactics hide their fees. Fortunately, CFD TRADES is not one of them. You are safe working with this broker.


CFD TRADES’ support team is highly professional. Traders get support 24/7. There are only positive reviews about CFD TRADES support on the internet. 

The CFD TRADES website security

The CFD TRADES website has an SSL certificate. It means that your internet connection is secure and will prevent hackers from reaching your information.

The padlock icon near the CFD TRADES web address shows us the SSL certificate protects the website and your personal information.

Overall experience with CFD TRADES 


To make this review complete, we must say that the overall experience with CFD TRADES was enjoyable. 

  • We have managed to make a deposit, to open and close trades. Moreover, we also managed to withdraw our funds from the trading account.
  • The interface of the site was user-friendly.
  • The trading platforms that CFD TRADES provides are very intuitive and easy to use.
  • The support team was helpful and answered all our questions.
  • The compliance team was very kind and guided us through the whole KYC process in a very easy-to-follow manner.

CFD TRADES. Additional services

The additional services CFD TRADES provides:

  • Fundamental analysis tools that will help you to make the right trading decisions
  • Trading calculators that will help you calculate your risk and possible profit
  • Educational materials like e-books and interactive trading courses
  • Trading signals
  • Autotrading

The personal account manager. These services are excellent whether you are a beginner or a professional trader. 

Scam cases, if they exist.

There are cases when traders think the broker is a scam. These cases are usually about KYC. Sometimes traders refuse to verify their trading accounts. But CFD TRADES acts accordingly to rules. If traders refuse to send the required documents, they won’t get access to the market. It doesn’t mean the broker is a scam. 

We take it as a perfect sign that the broker follows the law. Because we can be sure there is no scam involved and our money will be safe. If you worked with a scam broker that does anything to get your trust – you would think the broker is exceptional. But remember – in the end, you would lose your money.

CFD TRADES will not give you access to the market till you verify your trading account. It shows you don’t have to worry about your money with CFD TRADES. Your money will stay in your trading account till you take it back.

CFD TRADES review. Summary


We want to sum up this CFD TRADES review by saying that CFD TRADES is a great broker if you decide to start trading cryptocurrency and CFD.

The education materials, trading signals, and customer service are excellent. There are only positive reviews on the internet about this broker. Many traders use CFD TRADES services, and many make money. You can do it too.

We highly recommend CFD TRADES. 

If you want to start trading with CFD TRADES, click this link: 

We wish you profit!


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