Bulls400 review. Another scam broker or a good and reliable one?


Bulls400 review. Another scam broker or a good and reliable one? 

Bulls400 review. Everyone would want to make millions on cryptocurrency. But to buy or sell, we need a broker. Which one should he choose?

Today we will talk about Bulls400. This broker is global and provides services for cryptocurrency trading. So if you are interested in making money on cryptocurrency, you could open a trading account with this broker. Of course, only if you find it reliable.

Let’s talk about everything traders want to know about this broker, and you should know about the company to understand whether you can trust the broker:

  • General Review
  • Licenses and regulation
  • Website Security
  • Trading platform
  • Deposit and withdrawal
  • Account types
  • Trading tools
  • Support
  • Bonuses
  • Bulls400 advantages over other brokers
  • Traders reviews
  • The conclusions

Let’s go into the details.

Bulls400 review. General information

We should start this Bulls400 review by saying a few words about what services this broker offers. 

The company provides services for cryptocurrency trading. Bulls400 offers low spreads, extensive educational materials, user-friendly trading platforms, an experienced support team, and personal training.

Bulls400 review. Licenses and regulation

Bulls400 is a company registered in Australia. If you go to the Australian Securities & Investments Commission website, you will see that Bulls400 is a regulated company.

As a regulated broker, Bulls400 follows the rule of KYC policy. It means traders have to verify their accounts. It shows us that the broker is not a scam and your money is safe. When your broker follows the rules, it’s a good sign.

Website security


The Bulls400 website has a modern security system. The most advanced SSL certificate protects your personal information, so it’s safe. It is encrypted, and nobody can read this information. We assure you that there is no need to worry.

Trading platform

Bulls400 provides its customers with the most advanced platforms for cryptocurrency trading. The trading platforms are very intuitive and easy to use. You can use a Web Trader or a Mobile Trader. 

Traders who use the Mobile platform on their smartphones stay connected with the global market and never miss a trading opportunity. 

Funding and Withdrawal

You can fund your trading account and withdraw funds using any of those methods:

  • Visa/Mastercard
  • Wire transfers
  • Cryptocurrency

Do not forget that the card and the bank account must be in your name. The company doesn’t take money from third parties, only from its clients.


Bulls400 review. Account types

These are five account types that Bulls400 offers.

1) Silver (starts from $10,000)

  • 1;5 leverage
  • Up to 25% margin loan

2) Gold (starts from $50,000)

  • 1;20 leverage
  • Up to 35% margin loan

3) Platinum (starts from $100,000)

  • 1;90 leverage
  • Up to 50% margin loan

4) Diamond(starts from $250,000)

  • 1;100 leverage
  • Up to 75% margin loan

5) Corporate(starts from $250,000)

  • 1;200 leverage
  • Up to 100% margin loan

Trading tools

Bulls400 offers training and education. It can be helpful for beginners to learn new information and for professionals to improve their trading skills.

Bulls400 provides many trading tools that traders can use:

  • Charts
  • Trading calculators
  • Fundamental analysis tools
  • The economic calendar for technical analysis
  • Trading indicators

We found out that traders find these tools helpful. They say it helps them make a profit. 

Bulls400 review. Support

Bulls400 provides its traders with excellent support. If you need answers, you get them quickly. Traders get support 24/7. The team is highly professional. We cannot but mention all the Bulls400 clients said the support team is exceptional.



Bulls400 offers some attractive reward features to its new and subsisting clients. Bonuses and one-time trading credits awarded to clients are part of Bulls400 promotional programs. These bonuses are limited-time offers, and the terms and conditions associated with bonus rewards are subject to change. 

Bulls400 advantages over other brokers

Bulls400 has a few advantages over most of the competitor brokers today:

  • The company provides very low spreads.
  • Bulls400 is a regulated broker. Its website and trading platforms are secure. So your funds are safe.
  • The Bulls400 establishment was in 2015.
  • You get fantastic trading support from the broker. The team is highly professional.
  • 100% secured trading. Full data protection.
  • Possibility to trade under experienced support team guidance.
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • More than 10 000 daily processed transactions.
  • Bonuses.

We definitely find Bulls400 an excellent choice to make money on cryptocurrency trading.

Traders about Bulls400

If you like to hear what other traders say about Bulls400, here is a few of many we have found on the internet. 

Most of the stuff traders said about this broker was positive. It’s good, right? A few negative reviews were about KYC cases when people refused to send the required documents to verify their identities and addresses. And Bulls400 didn’t give them access to trading. But it doesn’t mean that the company is a scam.

“Bulls400 is the best broker if you are interested in cryptocurrency trading. It offers low spreads and quick withdrawal.”- Larry B.

“It’s so cool Bulls400 gives the option to invest in cryptocurrencies. I recommend this broker to everyone who wants to make money.”- Julie M.

“Thanks to Bitcoin, I have a new laptop now and iPhone”- Lisa V.

“The best support team ever!!! Keep it this way, Bulls400!.”- Andrew F.

The conclusion of the Bulls400 review


Based on all this information, Bulls400 is a broker you can trust. It is a company that has been around for almost eight years already. 

You can be sure your money is safe, it’s not a scam. It’s obvious.

This broker is an excellent choice for trading cryptocurrency. You have a great chance to learn and improve your skills. All the services together give a fantastic opportunity to make money. The rate of successful trading in this company is 91%. So, if you start trading properly with small orders and then increase – you will become profitable, and your trading account will grow fast. 

If you want to open a trading account with Bulls400, follow this link: https://bulls400.com/.

Good luck in trading!


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