AskForBit Review first-person view – Can you withdraw your funds?

askforbit first person review

AskForBit Review first-person view – Can you withdraw your funds?

AskForBit Review first-person view: So here we are once again with AskForBit for a first-person view review.

My name is Archie Evans, and I am a professional trader for those who don’t know yet. 

I will be trading with AskForBit to check all the aspects of the broker from a first-person view.

Let’s talk general information on the broker before we start:

  • is the official website.
  • CFDs and Cryptocurrencies broker.
  • Deposit methods: Paypal, crypto, and wire.
  • Withdrawal methods: Paypal, crypto, and wire.
  • Licensed broker.
  • has an SSL certificate.
  • Trader reviews look positive.
  • The minimum deposit is 250$.
  • Based in Germany and Australia.
  • AskForBit is operating since 2014.

AskForBit Review – Signing up with the broker.

I want to start our AskForBit review with the basics—the signup process.

Although it’s the easiest part, I don’t want to skip it in case you get lost.

The first step is I go to the broker’s website:

Click on sign up, fill in the first and last name, phone number, and email, and choose a password. 

AskForBit registration

That’s it.

After I logged in, I want to do a quick KYC verification; it takes not more than a minute because I have my documents ready.

What is KYC?

The KYC is to know your customer policy.

To get verified with the broker, you must send those:

  • Your ID( It could be your driver’s license too)
  • If you deposit using a credit card, send AskForBit a copy of it (Don’t worry, you can hide all of the digits but the last 4).
  • Utility bills not older than three months.

KYC ask4bit

That’s it; that’s the only documents the broker will need in order to verify your account.

Depositing funds with AskForBit

To make the review as honest as it could get, I went to AskForBit and deposited 500$ of my own money to test them if I will be able to withdraw them after a bit of profit.

Because if AskForBit is a scam or fraud, they would never withdraw my money and make some weird excuses.

So that is what I did, like the good samaritan I am; I took my credit card and swiped it for 500 EUR.

Congratulations, to me, my balance is now 500$. 

askforbit deposit 500 eur

Are you guys ready to start trading? Cause I am.

Trading with AskForBit

Besides the withdrawal process, if the broker is a scam or a fraud, they might mess with the prices of the assets we will be trading.

Let’s put this to the test and see if I can trade without anything standing in our way.

AskForBit Trading Signals 

Okay, so I researched and used the signals that AskForBit provided me with and decided to trade ADA/BTC.

The red lines on the picture indicate where I bought a short contract and where I closed it.

The green lines indicate where I bought a long contract and where I closed it.

askforbit trading signals

So there we are three profitable trades.

It could be luck, but unlikely, looks like the signals AskForBit provides are pretty decent.

AskForBit AutoTrading Software.

To test the auto trading software and make sure AskForBit doesn’t just push me with some random junk trading bot, I asked them to give me the software for a spin.

Because I know how to trade, I didn’t need their help with the setup, so I choose the setting I wanted and let it run for a while.

I also put the bot to trade on ADA/BTC to see if he can get better results than the signals.

To my surprise, AskForBit auto trading software did a fantastic job.

As you see in the picture, the auto trading soft purchased a long contract but saw the price went in the other direction and came back, so it doubled up and bought another long.

askforbit auto trading

AskForBit auto trading software sold the long just before reaching the top price. Of course, it could wait a bit more, but let’s be honest, it did profit and still did a great job.

AskForBit Withdrawal of funds review

The moment of truth that we have all been waiting for, AskForBit Withdrawal of funds review.

So with all the trading, I was able to profit 250 EUR.

So I went to the withdrawal section on AskForBit website and put a 750 EUR withdrawal request.

After I clicked on the withdrawal request, I had an option to receive it into my bank account, Paypal or crypto.

I choose the bank.

The withdrawal process was actually very fast, and it took me less than 48 hours to see the money in my bank.

Here I attached the proof of the withdrawal. Withdraw 750 eur

So it is safe to say no scam nor any fraud going on with AskForBit.

I can proudly say that my review is fully ready, and I don’t think this broker scammed anyone.

AskForBit Review Resolution:

What did we learn in this AskForBit review:

  • is not a scam nor fraud.
  • The broker has easy-to-use trading signals that deliver good results.
  • AskForBit has a great auto trading software that does its job.
  • The CFDs and Crypto broker Askforbit have convenient deposit options.
  • Withdrawals are fast with AskForBit.

I also want to add that the account manager I was in contact with was very professional and help me set up both the signals and the auto trading software.

I believe that novice and professional traders will find everything they need with AskforBit.

Start trading with AskForBit now.

I suggest you open an account with ask for bit because of the great customer service you will get there.

You will really enjoy the broker’s experience because everything they did was for a better trading experience.

Bonus tip: AskForBit has a great referral program. Invite a friend and get 200$ on your trading balance, both you and your friend.

So you and your friend both will get 200$ for free.

Referral ask4bit

You would think I would ask you to join AskForBit as my friend, right?

But as a good samaritan, I refuse.

To sign up, you should use their website


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