Millennium Specialist review from the first-person view 2021

millenium specialist

Millennium Specialist review from the first-person view 2021

Introducing our Millennium Specialist review from the first-person view!

We decided not only to collect reviews from the broker’s clients but also to look at what it is like to be a trader ourselves.

To show you our experience. So we will not only believe the reviews of other traders but also experience trading with Millennium Specialist from a first-person view.

millennium specialist Review

We have divided our review into several parts.

  • General information about the broker that we found on the web,
  • Real trader reviews about Millennium Specialist.
  • Our own first-person review.
  • And the conclusion is whether it is worth trading with the Millennium Specialist broker or not.


General information about the Millennium Specialist

So that our broker review is complete and does not consist entirely of our path to traders, we decided to collect and briefly highlight the information about the broker that we could find on the Internet:

Millennium Specialist has been working since 2021.

The main office is located in B1 359 28th October street WTC Cyprus – Trust Re Building, 3107, Cyprus.

The minimum deposit is € 250.

Millennium Specialist provides an opportunity to trade such instruments: currencies, cryptocurrencies, stocks.

The trading tools that Millennium Specialist provides are auto trading, education, signals.

The broker provides traders with access to a platform – Webtrader.


millennium specialist Review

Mail: [email protected]​



Skype, WhatsApp

On the site –


Real trader reviews about Millennium Specialist

Our searches for review on Millennium Specialist have been relatively successful. We found both positive and negative reviews.

However, we found only two negative ones. And they make us doubt their honesty because they are written in the same resource.

In addition, under one such review, the manager of another broker left his contacts for contact, which looks highly suspicious.

But here it is, looks like spam mail, but here it is:

1. Jawahar Rakshit:

FRAUD with INTENTION, If lawyers at had not prosecuted them till they returned my money, I would have been in a big mess. It is only after opening an account do you realize what kind of scam is behind Millennium CAUTION pure rip-off.

2. Amanat Ali

I have just put a small investment with them.
They said they would get my fund manager to phone me. He hasn’t. Can anybody give me a telephone number to ring them, please


Therefore, we should ignore the negative reviews, because they are obviously fake.

There is a lot of positive feedback. We don’t want to explore the whole article with good reviews, so we decided to show you just a few an example.

  • John: “So legit Millennium Specialist broker, changed my life. Their customer support is good”

  • Jane: “Best Millennium Specialist broker I’ve ever used by far! It can trade 3 currency pairs at the same time automatically and still make money for you!”

  • Michael: “I seriously don’t know how Millennium Specialist makes it possible to make money”

  • Dave: “Great Millennium Specialist broker, it is really good broker”, “It just works.”


Mainly the traders praise trading tools such as auto trading and social trading and much more, but you can see it for yourself.

Below are the reviews from real customers.


Millennium Specialist  review – OUR experience of interacting with Millennium Specialist 

Below we want to show and tell you how the broker works. And to see how rewarding the profession of a trader is from a first-person view.


Naturally, the first thing that interests us is the registration process.

Since without it, we will not be able to trade.

Therefore, there is a blue registration button in the upper right corner. We clicked it.

Millennium Specialist review

And filled out the form. 

Congratulations we are officially a Millennium Specialist trader.

The next step is to top up our trading account.

However, before that, the broker asked us to fill out another form and provide documents for KYC.

* KYC – know your customer.
That is the standard rule of thumb for any financial institution to verify its identity if it interacts with financial instruments and individuals.

That’s why we have sent the following:

Provided our ID.

A photo of our credit card that we will use to top-up our account.

Utility bills for the past 3 months.

Right after we sent these documents, our account got verified. We are ready to go.


Account replenishment

When we pressed the button to replenish the account, the screen showed the methods of replenishment offered by the broker.

You can top up the account in three ways:

  1. Visa or Mastercard. You will need to enter the card number as usual and top up the account.
  2. Bank transfer.
  3. Cryptocurrency.

Millennium Specialist review

We decided to top up using our credit card. So what we did next is enter our card details, click on approve the 250deposit, and here we are. Our balance got updated to 250€.

Now we are ready to trade.

*Important notice: 250€ is not a great amount to trade with. You have to be a professional to get the best results with such a small amount. But we are here to show you what can happen. 

When you open your account, we strongly suggest depositing more, not only because you will have more funds to trade with, but because you will get much better conditions for trading.

Here are the account types that Millennium Specialist provides:


Trading on the Webtrader platform

First, let’s test Millennium Specialist web trader broker.

The first cool thing is that you really can trade raw stocks, cryptocurrencies, and forex.

At the center, we can sell/buy

Below we choose how much we will invest—for example, 75 USD.

Millennium Specialist Broker Review

We can also see how much leverage the broker provides on this asset. 

When you are ready to trade, click on “buy” to execute your trade.

We decided to see what chart types the broker provides to its traders. How accurately you can manage technical analysis by yourself.

We find it pretty simple and useful that you can set up all the indicators within the platform without leaving them anywhere else.

The broker can also save our presets, so we can use them later without having to choose all those settings again.


Testing WebTrader in action – Millennium Specialist  review

WebTrader is very easy to use but has some complex features too, but if you have an idea of what you are doing you have much more potential for profit. 

What we did is used the advice of our personal broker Ilay, and opened a trade on EUR/USD, and waited 3 days. 

When we invested 35€, we profited 93 € after 2 days of just waiting.

That was pretty awesome, cheers you our personal broker from Millennium Specialist Ilay, thanks for the signal.


Millennium Specialist review – Withdrawal of funds

After that amazing journey that with had with the WebTrader, we ended up having 308€  total on our deposit.

So we said, test the withdrawal, shall we?

We clicked on withdraw funds and chose 308€.

Guess what, we had it on the card the next day.


Conclusion of Millennium Specialist  review –  Millennium Specialist is an honest broker

The broker is honest. All the good reviews are trustworthy.

Broker Millennium Specialist is not a scammer. We have verified it in practice. 

The withdrawals are fast, the trading is easy, and most importantly we received amazing support from our personal broker Ilay.

Cheers and good luck! 

You can sign up with Millennium Specialist  using this link:


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